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Possingworth rally

Brighton & district rally at Possingworth Manor House. About 18 members attended this rally, most going by minibus. The rally was from 10.00am to 4.00 pm, giving just 6 hours to cover the 65 acres of land adjacent to the manor house. One field was clear of crops and had been harrowed. The soil was dry and soft making ideal conditions for recovery of anything detected. Two other fields had some stubble and weeds, but were still good for detecting. The western area contained a large amount of junk, seeming left over from WWII. The Brighton club said that about two thirds of the area was undetected as there had never been a time when these particular fields had been without crops. Up until about 1.00pm the day was dry, but then the black clouds came and the rain fell. The rain stopped at about 3.00pm giving one remaining hour for searching without getting wet. By this time, many people had left. The event was reasonably well organized, but the finds were few considering the history of the area and the extent of the undetected land. If you want to check up on the history of Possingworth house, you could go to the parksandgardens web site ( link given below ).,com_parksandgardens/task,site/id,5082/tab,history/Itemid,293/

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