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Brighton and District Metal Detecting Club, Possingworth Rally 4th September 2014On the 4th September 2011 the club attended the Possingworth rally. ( See the report on this web site. )On the 7th of September 2014 another rally was held at Possingworth. On this occasion just two members attended. The word was that the same fields would be used. This was probably what put many members off going, especially as little had been found in 2011. However, as it turned out a new field was available ('previously undetected land' ) Tickets were obtained by post from Barry Mason, costing £13-50 each, the prepaid price. As is normal practice for detecting rallies, the actual fields to be detected are not revealed until the day on arrival, just the location of the meeting place. Near the meeting place there were signs and marshals to direct you to the parking area. On arrival at the registration desk we presented our tickets which were exchanged for yellow wrist bands with the registration number on them and a printed sheet of information. The first thing noted was that there was ample car parking space in the detecting fields. Fortunately it had been dry for some time and the day was dry and sunny, so parking in the fields was not a problem. Near the starting time, we were told which fields that could be detected. All three fields were wheat stubble, which, unfortunately had not been rolled, so it stood about 3 to 6 inches high. A large part of field 1 was planted with sweet corn and so could not be detected on. In field 2 there was the site of an iron age barrow, ( identified by long grass ) which could not be detected on. Fields 1 and 2 were as for the 2011 rally, but field 3 was new and 'undetected land'. We were told that there were 5 tokens buried in field 3 and these could be exchanged for a cash prize of £20 on presentation at the registration desk along with our wrist bands id.At 10.00 am the whistle was blown and the rally started, most people heading, of course for field 3. The day remained sunny and the trees along the edge of the fields provided welcome shade when there were no clouds to cover the sun. These areas tended to get detected more than the open fields!As advertised there were ( basic ) toilet facilities, a food stall, and Detecnicks were there with their trade stand.Also, there were rubbish sacks placed around the fields so that we could dispose of rubbish easily. Bottles of fresh water were available, as were basic washing facilities.Raffle tickets were on sale, £1 for a strip of 5, the prizes being, - first prize, a years subscription to 'The Searcher' metal detecting magazine. Other prizes, wine, chocolates, biscuits etc. The prize draw was held at 1.00pm. The Finds Liaison Officer for Sussex, Stephanie Smith was there to record finds. I have to say at this point that the number of finds was disappointing, although Stephanie seemed to think the day had been successful and said that the rally had been held in these fields on 4 separate occasions and that a useful record of the area was building up and she was pleased with how it had gone. As for the finds, the finds table and individual comments revealed that finds included, - a gold half sovereign, a quarter stater, an 1850 penny, a farthing, some Georgian furniture fittings, a lead weight ( 1" round weight with a hole through it ), some buttons, some musket balls, and ( eyes only ) a worked flint ( a spear tip ? ).The finds desk had leaflets inviting us to join the Sussex Archaeological Society as well as copies of the 'Advice for Finders of Archaeological Objects.' The rally ended at 4.00pm with a large number of people still detecting, with some still looking for the last two tokens, which had not yet been found.The advertising info stated that. 'A donation will be made to a charity of the farmer’s choice which will be the East Sussex Hospice.' Although, at the end of the day there was no statement about the profit made or the size of the charity donation.

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