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The Brighton club rally at Scallow Bridge on Sunday the 1st September 2013.Eleven members went by mini bus ( organized by the club and free to members ) and two members used their own transport, so a total of 13 members attended this rally. We were charged the 'in advance' fee of £13.50 rather than the 'on the day' fee of £15.00 as the club had given notice of it's intended attendance. The weather was good all day - dry and warm, even too warm at times. The Burnt House field was available as advertised (field 1), but the pasture field was changed for a (much larger) ploughed field (field 2). Both fields were easy digging, although the remains of clumps of corn stubble in the Burnt House field made swinging a detector close to the ground a little difficult at times. There were tokens buried in a small defined area of the Burnt House field, 5 in total I am told. The prize for each token was £15. The facilities were as advertised and the organization was good. Most people stayed until the 4.00pm end.My impression was that the fields had not been detected before although finds were not all that plentiful. Some coins and modern artefacts were found and, I am told that some hammered coins and a roman fibula broach were found. If anyone has any information on the finds made perhaps they would let me know. There were overhead electricity grid wires in one of the fields which affected some detectors, but there was plenty of land to search, so this was no handicap. If you have seen any report of the results of this rally, please let me know and I can pass it on to members.

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My photos taken at this rally are 'lost', if they turn up I will post them here!If you took any photos of this event I will display them here if you forward them to me at